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Ayesha Accessories is a vibrant and fast expanding brand. We pride ourselves on making the best of global fashion available to all girls, women, kids and men across India. Ayesha takes the leading edge in fashion and brings you fun and a whole lot of newness every season! After all Ayesha is the one-stop-shop for fun & fantabulous fashion accessory essentials.

We strive to empower our customers to confidently express themselves through our accessories. We offer products that are affordable and aspirational for girls, women, men and kids. Our product range includes jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, bags, hair accessories, and lots of other fantabulous essentials. With our accessories you can transform your outfits and express your inner mood. Our dynamic range includes funky International and Indian trends, cute accessories for kids, cool styles for men, and sophisticated, designer jewelry for women. We want our accessories to emphasize not just a woman’s beauty, but her confidence, self-love, and compassion. Because of this core philosophy, we have created a separate range called Project Girl Power that highlights these values through its designs.